Pink Drops Her Signature Pixie Haircut For A Long Half Shaved Do!

Pink drops her signature Pixie haircut for a Long half shaved do 1


Whoa! The ‘So What’ singer debuted a long do!! Can you believe it? Yes, Precious Readers, P!nk did almost the same thing Frankie Sandford and Amber Rose did. She added extensions to her short hair. Why did I say almost? Well, let me answer that question with another one. What does the Sandford and Rose hairdo look like? Oh-so-feminine, right? Okay, well, that isn’t exactly how the pop star’s new hair looks…


Wanna know more? Okay, P!nk dropped her pixie cut for a rocking and sort of crazy hairstyle. It’s half-shaved! Whaaat?! Ladies, why are you shocked? You were warned! The 33-year-old singer warned her fans, yet none of us on her Twitter account believed her. She did? Yes, she did! On June 1, she tweeted, “Officially decided that June is crazy hair month. If there’s something you have been wanting to do—go for it! No Fear! Crazy hair is fun.” The pop singer revealed her new long, blonde, half-shaved hairstyle while enjoying time with her 2-year-old daughter, Willow, in Venice Beach, California, on June 9. Now, tell us, Stylisheves: Do you dig Pink’s new do or not? Do you think it’s going to be among the most drastic hair makeovers of 2013?

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