Pierre Alexandre Hairstyles

Pierre Alexandre is one of the most famous professional hair stylists on the globe. For many years, maybe decades, Pierre Alexandre has proven to the whole world that he’s one of those hairstylists whose creativity and great talent prevent them from staying calm! You can make sure of this tip by yourself, if you take a look at his bio. Where are you going? My dear reader, you don’t have to google it! As i’m going to present to you a short and brief look on Pierre Alexandre’s bio. So, let me start! Since his appearance, Pierre has been known by his stunning and eye catching, yet creative hairstyles for both genders; men & women. Besides that, he’s been like the unkown soldier behind the glamorous hairstyles worn by many celebrities like; The Beatles, Elizabeth Taylor, David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Take That, Andy Williams, Honor Blackman, Eartha Kitt and others. Besides owing a famous hair salon and being a famous hairstylist, what? I haven’t told you that he owns his own salon?! Okay, my apologizes! Anyway, besides all of that, Pierre has been known by being one of the most creative hair color specialists! Plus that, Pierre has worked with different well known companies such as; Wella, Zotos, Matrix and at last but not least Schwarzkopf. Not only that, Pierre has always been much involved in the different seminars, on the radio or television interviews, and on shows in many countries like; Japan, USA, etc. Besides that, Pierre’s work has also been published in many famous magazines as Tattler, Hair, Hair Flair, Swiss Hair, Vogue and many others.

As you can get from that short and brief bio that Pierre has tended to be much involved in any aspect related to the hair; styling, coloring, care, etc! I think now is the time to start taking a glimpse at the hairstyles created by Pierre Alexandre for both men and women! The most common features between the men’s and women’s hair designs made by Pierre Alexandre are being super artistic, creative, wowing and eye catching, yet diverse. Some of those haircuts have been so elegant and tidy while the others have been funky and careless, but definitely in a stylish way! Yet another thing is that some of those hairstyles have been so modern while the others have been so vintage like those ones presented in his last released collection! I know that you’re so curious to know some of those hairstyles! So, let me mention some examples.. For our sweet women, he has presented many feminine and sexy hairstyles like; sleek straight hairstyles, loose wavy hairstyles, curly hairstyles besides various styles of the updos. Also, he’s presented various retro hairstyles with a little bit of a modern twist like; chignons, finger wavy, barrel curly and at last but not least the 60s bob hairstyles. Besides, you can also find sexy styles of the layered haircuts and pixie haircuts.

On the other hand, for our gentlemen, Pierre Alexandre has presented various hairstyles that have looked in a very masculine, yet soft way such as; the retro finger wavy hairstyles presented in his last collection; “Gatsby Collection”. That’s also besides the curly hairstyles, spiky hairstyles, layered hairstyles, messy hairstyles and others! All of those last mentioned hairstyles have the same features i’ve told you and may be more! I know that some of you were waiting for more hairstyles than those to be mentioned, right? Okay, maybe i’ve not mentioned them all, but i’ve brought to you as many pictures of Pierre Alexandre haircuts as i could! So, enjoy watching them!

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