Perrie Edwards New Grey Hair Color for 2013

Perrie Edwards New Grey Hair Color for 2013 1

Hay!.. I thought that you’ve totally forgotten it, but apparently I was wrong!! Exactly, my precious readers, this introduction is just about a new celebrity makeover. Who?!…What has she done to her hair?! Umm.. Concerning the first question – who?- She is the Little Mix girl Perrie Edwards. Huhh?! What has she done to her medium length purple hair? Has she cut or dyed it?

Ladies, ladies, laaadies, calm down and give me the opportunity to talk, I mean to write! First of all, Edwards’ hair color isn’t purple at all; instead, it is dip-dyed pink or at least it was. Secondly, .. Oh yes, my dear fans, “was” means that the stunning singer has just dyed her hair and hasn’t cut it. Actually, this is what I was about to say.

Anyway, I do hear some of you saying, “What dye has Perrie gone for this time? When & where has she showed it off ?!” The Little Mix girl has traded her eye-catching and stylish pink tresses for granny-chic grey ones, and she showed them off a few days ago, while she was on her way to the Capital FM studios.

What? You said grey! Greeey ?! Okay, this is what I call “Late Shock”!! Anyway, you need to know that the 19-year-old star’s hair has become grey due to the effects of so much dyeing and bleaching. So yes, she hasn’t done it on purpose, but it is still a new color added to her 2013’s lookbook, isn’t it?! Okay, this is my opinion, what about yours, my precious readers? Do you agree with me? Do you think that it is hot or not?!



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