Perm Hairstyles for Men

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The perm hairstyles or perms have been very popular and trendy among the men since 1980. The Perm hairstyles for men have very funny, stylish, cool, elegant and glamorous look.. There are many perm hairstyles for the different men haircuts; from the short haircut to the long haircuts. Those perm hairstyles can suit any man with any hair color; the black, the blonde, the brown or any other hair color. There are also many perm hairstyles for the different men’s facial shapes like; the oval, the square or the round facial shape.. Beside all the last features, the perm hairstyles can suit any man with any age, skin color and hair texture.Before taking a sneaky peaky look on those perm hairstyles, we’ve to know “what are the perms or the perm hairstyles??”. The perms are considered as one of the chemical treatment methods for the man’s hair and those methods are used to get the wavy or the curly look. Sometimes, the perms also are used to make a de-curling or de-waving, I mean that those perms can be also used to straighten the curly or the wavy hair. So, you can say that the perm hairstyles can be considered as a common member between the curly hairstyles family and the straight hairstyles family.. So, by that I can take you in my lovely tour on those perm hairstyles.. On of the most famous and popular perm hairstyles among the men are the bubble perm hairstyles.. The bubble perm hairstyles have been worn by many men for many years. Those bubble perm hairstyles can be considered as the white or the Caucasian version of the African American afro hairstyles. The bubble perm hairstyles are consisting of those tight curls. The bubble perm hairstyles have been worn by regular and celebrity men for many years. A man can get that hairstyle, by wetting his hair and then applying some perm hair product on his hair.. Those perm hairstyles have very fun, cool and stylish look. Another trendy and popular perm hairstyles among the men are the poodle perm hairstyles. The poodle perm hairstyles can be considered the opposite of the bubble perm hairstyles, they are based on creating the permanent waves to get the soft and simple curly look. Those poodle perm hairstyles are very suitable for the men’s long and medium haircuts. They’ve been very popular and trendy among the football players and the other celebrity stars. Beside those poodle and bubble perm hairstyles, there are another perm hairstyles are the Punch perm hairstyles. The punch perm hairstyles are one of the most suitable perm hairstyles for men with the short haircuts. Those perm hairstyles are based on creating the tight curls on the man’s short hair.. There are two types of those punch hairstyles which are the traditional punch perm hairstyles and the iron punch perm hairstyles.. Both of those versions differ on the way the curls have been created.. There are more perm hairstyles for the men more than those last mentioned ones like; the spiral perm hairstyles, the root perm hairstyles, the spot perm hairstyles, the stack perm hairstyles, the gentle waves perm hairstyles and the inverted / straightening perm hairstyles.. All of those perm hairstyles have very funny, stylish and elegant look. You can mix anyone of those perm hairstyles with any other men’s hairstyles of any haircut. So, you can wear different hairstyles for your permed hair like; the messy hairstyles, the bob hairstyles, the under cut hairstyles, the heavy top hairstyles and the flowing hairstyles. Anyway, all of them have very elegant and glamorous look. By now, I can say that i’ve totally reached the end and there’s nothing to say except “Just enjoy your stylish and cool perm hairstyles!!”.

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