Perfect Wall Color Ideas for Autumn Decoration

To get into the autumnal mood, your interior decoration needs to get rid of those summer colors in favor of softer tones that will give the house more warmth. For this fall, we’ve selected for you the ten trendiest yet coziest wall colors, choose the one that fits your interior decoration and satisfies your need for warmth during fall and winter. Dare to use black on your walls! Go for black in matte finish to paint a big wall in your living room, for example. A black wall will give your interior an elegant and special character. For the rest of your decoration, add furniture and accessories in lighter shades to illuminate the room—wood furniture will be perfect to complete the warm atmosphere.

The new trendy color in interior decoration is gray. Being a soft color, gray is mostly timeless and adaptable to all styles—it is even called the “new black”! Conversely, if you want your interior to remain bright despite the season’s change, you can bet on white; it is a safe bet that is trendy in winter too. To warm the whole, opt for curtains in dark shades. To evoke autumn leaves in your home, you can bet on yellow; avoid bright tones and prefer a more mustard hue to boost your home smoothly. With gray, the association will win! In the same field, the color orange can also be used in sober shades for autumn interior decorations.

Taupe is a color that fits into all interiors and all styles; it is particularly appreciated for its softness and neutrality that allows associating it with almost all colors plus the ability to change any decorative objects according to the season. To make walls take more depth and give the room warmth, focus on blue in a very dark tone unlike the summer where turquoise is preferred for its cooling effect. To make the walls surround the room in a tasty color, turn to chocolate brown for an effect that’s very cozy. With natural colors like beige and khaki, chocolate brown creates a warm and reassuring ambience that is particularly appreciated when temperatures drop.

Finally, know that purple is a great color for the fall, colorful enough to brighten the room and intensive enough to create a cocooning atmosphere; it is the key to a soft interior that looks dynamic at the same time.











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