Pea Coats for Men

Pea coats are unique jackets that have their own recognized style. Pea coats were made a long time ago by the navy when they went sailing, they used to wear them to get enough warmth in the cold weathers in the sea. Pea coats are now used as a part of everyday’s fashion, giving each man a great trend that has a different style than other jackets. Pea coats are characterized by being double breasted with two columns of buttons, about four, six or eight buttons, in two rows and mostly these buttons are big and sometimes made of metal. They were originally short jackets having their lengths at waist line and broad lapels, and mostly they had a navy color and a formal appearance. Nowadays pea coats can be made with longer lengths and more trendy forms, and they are made with almost all colors and with different fabrics. Pea coats can be made of cotton, wool, fleece, nylon or leather. They can have wide lapels or smaller ones, and some of them are hooded to give extra warmth. Pea coats are great in winter for warmth; they can be great on different styles and can go with casual or formal looks.

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