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When you live in a highly cold or even a freezing area, the first thing you look for in your clothes is sufficient warmth. Your clothes in this condition must ensure complete warmth, dryness and water proof properties to protect you from the ice or the rain. Parkas are your best options in freezing weather conditions; they are the heaviest and most warming available jackets. Parkas are water proof big hooded heavy jackets that also have internal linings and coatings to give you maximum warmth. Parkas are perfect for Eskimos, because they ensure full warmth and protection against their extraordinary conditions, they insulate them totally from the ice, keep them dry and heated. Parkas might not be the best jackets to make you look fit, but in these weather conditions, you don’t need a jacket that is close to your body, you need something heavy to give you heat. Parks have zippered or buttoned front fastenings and big pockets and hood that can have fur or faux fur lining for extra warmth. Parkas are available in different colors and materials to choose among them what you need.

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