Paris Michael Jackson Rides the Wave…of 2013 Hair Color

Paris Michael Jackson Rides the Wave of 2013 Hair Color 01


“Call me gingie.” Sorry? Did you say Gingie? Yes, as in Ginger. Oh… No, no, no, ladies, not me. You completely misunderstood! I’m not the one asking you to call me Gingie; that just doesn’t work for me. It works for Paris Jackson, though, Paris Michael Jackson, daughter of the King of Pop. Why would she want you to do such a thing? Ahhh… To recognize, to honor, to humor her recent switch from those relatively new black locks to red. It’s shocking, I know, but the thing is, it was an accident! You have to cut her some slack. She didn’t really mean to be a redhead.


Yes, Precious Reader, it was all a mistake! She was trying to go brunette again! How do we know? Why, because Miss Jackson told us. After posting a picture of her new red hair with the caption “Call me, gingie,” she tweeted, “People keep asking me why and how … it’s because i tried dying it back from black to brown and…… well……”

“Okay… If it was accidental, why doesn’t she just fix it?” you ask. Logical point of view, I admit, but Paris isn’t going to do that. She’s staying ginger. Why? I guess Paris knows, but she isn’t telling! Maybe she decided to do as the big Hollywood stars are doing and ride the 2013 hair-color trend. Anyway, Stylisheves, tell us: What do you think of Ms. Jackson’s new hue? Do you love or loathe it?

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