Paris Jackson Picks Punk for 2013 Hairstyle

Paris Picks Punk for 2013 Hairstyle 1


“2013 is the year to go edgy, wild, and maybe punk!” Could this be this year’s mantra for Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, Isabella Cruise, Lourdes Leon, and Paris Jackson? Gotcha… You need more explanation. Okay, haven’t we seen those young celebrities go for wild, edgy, shocking hair makeovers since the year started? What’s that? Some of you are asking why I mentioned the name of Michel Jackson’s daughter? Figure it out. Could it mean that she… you know. Yep, Stylisheves, Paris went for it, too. This is what I came to say today. So continue reading…


The 14-year-old celebrity ditched her spectacular long brunette hairstyle for a short-cropped punk black one. Oh, yeah, Precious Reader, she didn’t just dye her hair; she cut it, too! Of course, this earns her credit for a 2-in-1 makeover! Paris was spotted sporting her new look while out and about with her mother, Debbie Rowe, on April 29. Some sites say she came out with it earlier than that, specifically, in February… Wait, did I say that out loud! Oops! Precious Reader, can you act as though you didn’t hear it, I mean read it? Anyway, please tell us: What do you think of Jackson’s hairstyle and color?


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