People Are Sharing Words Kids Mispronounce and It’s Adorable

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Kids are amazing. They are inspiring and fun. Everything about them is adorable especially their first words. If you listen to kids when they speak, then you’ll know that none of their words sound anything like how words are pronounced, and only their parents can decipher what they mean. Every parent has a whole list of words their kids mispronounced. Now, because sharing is caring, Reddit user u/uglyassdude asked parents of the redditors community about some of the words that their young children mispronounce. Redditors didn’t disappoint. Let’s see some of the most adorable and unforgettable words kids mispronounce.

#1 The Lizard Boz is a completely different story.

“My child had a few when she was little.

Jubs = gloves

Dimasaur = dinosaur

Tee = tree

Las Begas = Las Vegas

Lizard Boz = Wizard of Oz”

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#2 This kid is going to be a scientist.



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#3 They are still tasty no matter what they are called.

“Friend’s kid called them marsh-pillows.”


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#4 Potato .. Potato 😊

“When my brother was little, his favorite foods were hangaburs and sgabetti.”

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#5 I don’t think this kid loves “cupunder.”

“Our kid was successfully pronouncing almost every dinosaur name, including micropachycephalosaurus, and still saying “cupunder” instead of cucumber. I’ll miss that.”


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#6 No animals were harmed in the making of those cupcakes.

“He used to say “pupcakes” instead of cupcakes.”


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#7 Who doesn’t want a pretty school?

“”Chris-Chris” = Christmas

“Pack-Pack” = Backpack

“Pretty School” = Pre-School”


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Kids say all sorts of funny words. If you’re looking for more, you can follow this reddit question which is part of r/AskReddit where people ask thought-provoking questions, share different experiences and stories. We hope you enjoyed how kids mispronounce words, and we’re looking forward to hearing what words your kids mispronounce.

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