Over-the-knee Boots Trend

Over the knee Boots Trend for Fall Winter 2012

Now that winter is approaching rapidly, you should ask yourself whether or not your wardrobe is ready to face the frigid temperatures. Layering is always a good idea when temperatures drop, but you can’t layer on your legs or can you? Why yes you can, with over-the-knee boots! With over-the-knee boots the general rule is ‘the simpler the better’. This means no embellishments such as zippers, straps or studs and the material itself is preferably made out of plain leather too. If you play by this rule, you might end up looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and that is not what we are aiming for here. We are going for business chic like Miranda Kerr or boho chic like Hilary Duff and Taylor Momsen.

For the exact same reason, wearing short or skimpy clothes with your boots is not a good idea. Take a look at the celebrity pictures and see how they built their look around their statement shoes. Miranda Kerr took a risk by choosing a dress, but she kept the dress simple and she added extra volume by layering a wool coat over her dress. Most importantly, her dress does not show any cleavage and the palette of her outfit is very neutral with just grey and black while the fabric and materials are very simple yet classy and of good quality. What does Miranda Kerr outfit have in common with the outfits of Hilary Duff and Taylor Momsen? The volume! With boots this tight it’s important to balance this out by adding a bit of volume on the top in the form of a slouchy t-shirt or sweater, a loose-fitting blouse or a big coat.

Finally, here’s some advice to follow when you are out to buy your very own pair of over-the-knee boots. It’s a very thin line between classy and trashy; make sure to stay on the right side of the line. Look at yourself in the mirror with your boots on and ask yourself whether you are on the right side or not. If you are not sure, ask your friends or the sales assistant. When you put your own look together know that skinny jeans or leggings are the easiest way to pull off this look. If you want to try your chances with a dress but you are a bit cautious about what the outcome might be like, then know that one of the most fool-proof ways to wear over-the-knee boots is to pair them with a short dress and black tights. Don’t limit your options by looking only at black over-the-knee boots; there are plenty of other rich brownish hues which look just as good.




















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