Outstanding 16 Square Meter Studio Apartment

In big cities like New York and Paris, studios are the excellent solution for persons who don’t need but small living spaces. We already showed you before many creative designs for studios and very small apartments, and we used to be impressed by the smart solutions used in these tiny interiors to turn them into comfortable spaces. We presented to you before small spaces of 50 m², 40 m² and even 25 m², but would you believe that you can live in a studio of only 16 m² space? If you think this idea is unbelievable, we invite you to take a look at this superb 16 m² studio design and discover a lot of clever solutions and creative ideas that transformed this tiny space into a very comfortable and decorative interior. This was the challenge that faced the architects Julie Nabucet and Marc Baillargeon who were charged to transform this 16 m² into a comfortable studio for a student in Paris. After 9 months, these two talented architects were able to present their new, amazing piece of work; a 16 m² studio with a splendid design full of creativity, practicality, and innovation.

To make this tiny space include the necessary functions like a living room, a sleeping area, a kitchen and a bathroom; the designers used each centimeter in a brilliant way. The studio’s space is completely open which creates one nice room that is hosting all of the previous functions. First, the designers perfectly used the wall surface to create a lot of storage cupboards in a minimalist design and oak finishes which bring a stylish, contemporary look to the place. Second, they created two levels on the floor so that they can gain more space. Then, comes the role of the multifunctional and removable furniture; for example, the bed and the sofa are the same piece: the sofa is actually a bed which half of it enters in the recess under the higher level of the floor to form a comfortable sofa, which makes the living room and the bedroom in the same place. Even the minimalist coffee table, which completes the sofa when the place is used as a living room, has its place under the wall cupboards, so it can be hidden when it’s time for transforming the sofa into a bed.

The kitchen, which is installed on the higher level of the floor, is very functional; it is equipped with all necessary elements like a stove, an oven, a sink, and storage cabinets that are all installed on only one wall. The kitchen has a stylish, modern look matching with the general contemporary style of the studio design. In front of the kitchen, there is a bar in the same minimalist style and oak finishes of the wall cupboards. This bar is delimiting the spaces between the kitchen and the living area while forming a nice dining table for even more practicality. Even the few stairs that are separating the two levels on the floor are also used for storage! These stairs consist of boxes where a lot of things can be stored and hidden. The bathroom is located just behind the kitchen in a tiny space that can’t exceed 2 meters! Despite this too limited space, the bathroom is stylish, yet practical, with a minimalist washbasin in a cubic shape, a shower cabinet, a storage unit under the sink, a grey wall contrasting with a glossy white sanitary; the bathroom is compact yet very decorative.

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