Original Ideas to Decorate the Wall with Photos in New Ways

Photos have always been the first decorative item that we love to put on our interior walls. Our photos are not just pretty décor but also a cozy way to express ourselves through decoration, we all love to be surrounded by our happy memories and our dear persons captured through those photo frames that we usually like to put in our living rooms, bedrooms and even in workplaces. But if you get bored of the ordinary frame look and want to add a unique touch to your wall while using your photos at the same time, we present you some innovative ideas to decorate your wall using your dear photos but in original frame ideas. The first innovative idea is to use those tricky stickers shaped in frames with round, rectangular, baroque, large or small forms. Expose the series of photos taken with your friends or during a vacation with family in a funny way with a touch of originality. Another creative idea is to hang your photos! Yes you will hang them on the wall, but in different heights like if you punctuate the wall! To do this, get one of those picture hangers which are available in decoration stores, IKEA for example, where a series of cables with clips is set in varying lengths; cool & original. If you are using a small wall in your bedroom to hang your jewelries, it will be a very elegant touch if you make the background of this wall composed of photos. To complete the glamorous look of the jewelries hanged, use photos for you in most chic dresses so the whole look be so classy. Postcards and pictures of all kinds also find their place on a wire along the wall. Just fix it at both ends and middle with a nail and hang it to get a very youthful ambience. At the end of a shelf or a wall recess, some hooks could accommodate several frames. Neatly aligned, this collection of favorite photos could take a nice place between the décor.

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Original Ideas to Decorate the Wall 2

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