Open Kitchen To Living Room for Small Apartments

kitchen with living

Small apartments need smart solutions and practical ideas to save space. A modern decorating style always suits with small spaces and offers creative ideas, like combining the living room with the kitchen in the same area; it’s a very nice solution that doesn’t only save space but also adds a contemporary ambiance to the place and makes it more comfortable and warm. TOTO is a Japanese company used to present practical furniture for modern interiors, this is an amazing collection of TOTO called “Cuisia” in which the two concepts “cooking” and “relaxing” were blended together to form a nice place where you can enjoy both even if you live in a small space. The design consists of kitchen cabinets with built-in appliances and deep storage spaces, as a very useful unit; the kitchen island was smartly placed to separate the kitchen from the living room, and at the same time it contains a lot of drawers and it’s also equipped with a stove and a sink so it’s still a functional element. Out of the kitchen, a beautiful set is placed just in front of it. The set includes a comfortable sofa, TV plasma on a stylish TV stand as well as a simple & modern shelf and coffee table. Beside the kitchen, there is a small dining table that looks very attractive. The fashionable black & white contrast is matching with modern furniture and is completing the contemporary ambiance of the place. Cuisia collection is really amazing; it presents you a practical way for a maximum benefit of your small space through this smart design; comfortable, practical and up-to-date.

toto cuicia kitchen with living room 1toto cuicia kitchen with living room 2toto cuicia kitchen with living room 3toto cuicia kitchen with living room 4toto cuicia kitchen with living room 5toto cuicia kitchen with living room 6toto cuicia kitchen with living room 8toto cuicia kitchen with living room 9

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