One Little Girl Innocently Starts a Remarkable Orchestral Flashmob Playing ‘Ode to Joy’

Little Girl Starts Brilliant Classical Music Flashmob 14

Little-Girl-Starts-Brilliant-Classical-Music-Flashmob- 1

Mention classical music to most people and they won’t be interested in it. However just occasionally you will find a piece of music that manages to transcend all musical genres and all ages of people, as you will clearly witness here. Ode to Joy is a passage from Beethoven’s 9th symphony and combines the very best of both classical instrumental and choral music. However what we think is so special about this particular flashmob isn’t just the musicians and choristers, but the crowd itself. Many of us like to ‘people watch’ and what better place to do it than here in the Plaça da Sant Roc, Sabadell, a suburb of Barcelona in Spain. We also think that that this is a good time of year to include this piece of music as it is always very popular around Christmas time.

The beginning is truly delightful as a young girl drops a coin in the double bass player’s hat. For those innocent bystanders wandering past or sitting on seats nearby, they can have no idea what will happen over the next five minutes. However as more and more musicians begin to appear, the looks of curiosity and pleasure on the faces of onlookers is a delight to watch and helps you to understand why this piece of music is titled Ode to Joy. As the whole piece begins to grow and take shape, it seems the youngest of children were enjoying this as much as anyone there and it is the universal look of ‘joy’ and delight on the faces of all who gathered to listen which makes this perhaps the most enjoyable of flashmobs we have seen. We don’t often include musical pieces on Stylisheve, so do let us know if you would like some more from all genres. In the meantime, keep a look out for a remarkable video of Michael Jackson’s The way you Make me Feel by a young Hawaian girl, Kawei, using just a looper, which we will be publishing soon.

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