Old Navy Maternity Short-Sleeve Dresses 2013 Collection

Dresses are really a great option for pregnant women because they are easy to wear without worrying about the right size for your belly, besides their great style that’ll make you look great. For those hot summer days, Old Navy presents some awesome maternity short-sleeve dresses that all pregnant women can wear during their whole pregnancy period. To guarantee that each woman finds exactly what she wants, Old Navy gives you a variety of awesome dresses, from plain to patterned ones. The collection includes above-knee dresses and maxi dresses to let you wear what makes you feel more comfortable, or get both and alternate between them for change!! Concerning the designs, you will find plain and striped dresses to choose the one that looks best on you.

Colors are another great feature that you will find in this collection, as a lot of amazing colors are available to get the one that totally matches your skin tone such as black, blue, navy, asparagus, pink and grey. The dresses come in more than one style, some of them have an elasticized waist, some have a tight fit throughout the whole dress, and some have smocked waists. Necklines are also varied in this collection; you will find V-necks, scoop necks, rounded necks, boat necklines, and crew necks. Now it’s your turn to check out the whole collection and find the best dress for you!!












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