Notorious by Ralph Lauren Perfume for Women

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Hollywood’s glamour has arrived in a notorious collection by Ralph Lauren, which will conjure the glamorous spirit of Marilyn Monroe & every sexy icon from Hollywood’s golden era. Notorious is floral sexy evening fragrance for women that will spread magic in the air with every step. The fragrance is made from the top notes of black currant, pink pepper & bergamot, blended with middle notes of chocolate cosmos flower, white peony & carnation, then finally touched with the base notes of patchouli, musk, vanilla & iris root. Notorious is crafted as a piece of glamorous art & it shows on its bottle that’s designed like an Art Deco with a package that has crocodile leather that matches Ralph Laurens Autumn bags collection for 2008. The Notorious fragrance is available as an eau de toilette that comes in two sizes; 50ml & 75ml, also as a notorious body cream that will softly accessorize you with glamour & notorious body lotion that will give you all the moisture you need with the Notorious fragrance.

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