Noah Cyrus Rocks a Jet Black Hair with a Shaved Pink Diamond on Its Side!

Noah Cyrus New Hairdo 01


Shine bright in my BLACK hair like a PINK diamond, Shine bright in my BLACK hair like a PINK diamond… Ahem… So sorry, Rihanna, for ruining the lyrics of your amazing song that way, but those words are perfect to describe the new hairstyle being rocked by one of our beloved teen celebrities. Who rocked what? It’s Noah Cyrus we’re going to talk about today, dear readers. She debuted a … a… Give me a few seconds to phrase it right! Ahem… Okay, let me say it! Miley Cyrus’s little sister is currently sporting jet black hair with a pink diamond shaved into it.

Yep, ladies & gentlemen, you read it right! And yep, again, this is why I chose Rihanna’s song, “Shine Bright Like a Diamond,” as an intro. And yep for the third time, her hair color was indeed honey blonde just a month ago. So what happened? Actually, I’d prefer that you sit before I answer this question. Are you seated? All right! Now, let me tell you the story of Noah’s shocking makeover. Don’t hesitate! Read on! Last November, Noah took the plunge; she buzzed one side of her head. Remind you of someone? Of course, it does…her big sister Miley, whose footsteps she obviously follows! The oldest of the Cyrus sisters, Brandi, was the one who unveiled the young actress’s half-shaved do on her Instagram account. She posted a picture of her newly shorn sis with the caption; “Lil sis @noahcyrus just one up’d me.”


After barely a month, the little Cyrus went a step further in her makeover and dyed her blonde tresses jet black—yes, that is what you’re gonna see these days. The 13-year-old debuted her new black hair on the red carpet of DigiFest LA, The Largest YouTube Music Festival.

Then, just a few days ago, Noah decided to put the final touch on her new hairdo and shaved a pink diamond into it… Excuse me, dears, what was that? Did someone fall to the floor? Oh, my… It’s very shocking, I know. Who could have imagined that this adorable girl would opt for such an edgy hairstyle so soon, right? I suppose it was bound to happen, but already? Sigh.


The “Doc” star posted a picture of her jet black hair with the pink diamond on its side to her Twitter account, but she quickly deleted it! Do you suppose she did that because she couldn’t handle fans’ criticism? Maybe. The important question to be asked right now, Stylisheves, is this: Do you think Noah’s new hairdo is Trashy or Trendy? Tell us in the comments below!

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