Nikki Reed New Haircut 2013

Nikki Reed New Haircut 2013 1

Breaking News: Nikki Reed has got her long hair cut!!! What?! Is it April’s fool prank?! No, no, no, our precious readers, it is not at all! The “Twilight” star has really ditched her fabulous and sexy oh-so-long locks for stylish medium length bobbed ones. She has gone for a mid-length bob haircut!! How many inches has she chopped off?!! Specifically, Nikki has chopped 12 inches off her hair, according to US Weekly magazine. I know that many of you are so curious that you’d like to know why Reed has gone for such a drastic makeover, and where she’s revealed it, right?

Concerning where, the stunning actress has showed off her bobbed tresses at the 3rd Annual Coach Evening to Benefit Children’s Defense Fund. On other hand, concerning why, she said, “I’m doing a new movie, and although the role doesn’t require a short hair change, it’s something totally different from anything else I’ve done. I wanted to look and feel like a different person.” Stylishevers, I guess that you’ve known all the details you wanted to know about Nikki’s new bob cut, right? So what are you waiting for? Start telling us: What do you think of it? Do you think that it’s going to be among the best celebrity hairstyles of 2013?!

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