Nicole Richie New Haircut 2013

Nicole Richie New Haircut 2013

Expected!! Yes, my precious readers! What the multi-talented star Nicole Richie has recently done to her hair locks is totally expected, at least for me! What has she done? Has she dyed her gorgeous long hair?! Nope, ladies, she hasn’t done that at all; instead, she’s chopped it off. The stunning fashion designer and TV personality has opted for a shoulder length bob haircut. Yeah, ladies, Richie has just made a simple U-turn to her signature bob hairstyle.

Okay, I know that many of you are about to ask me some questions: Why did I say expected at the beginnings of our topic? How did we know about this new cut?… etc. Hence, let me start preparing my answers, I mean answering… Concerning the first question, I said so because of many reasons, such as that this ‘do always makes our beloved celeb look more than gorgeous and sexy. Actually, there is another more important reason, which is that the bob haircut is so, so trendy in 2013, so how come Nicole, who is one of the biggest fashionistas in Hollywood, wouldn’t opt for it?!

Concerning the second question – How? – you need to know that the star has posted a picture of her new hairstyle on her Instagram account. Also, you should know that like usual the mysterious soldier behind this oh-so-stylish haircut is the hairstylist Andy Lecompte. This is an additional detail, isn’t it?! Whatever! I guess that now is the time for you to tell us whether you think Nicole’s new haircut deserves an A or not!!




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