Nia Long Hairstyles

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Nia Long is one of the most famous black female celebrity in America. Nia has been famous because of her great acting talent and also her diverse and various glamorous and shinny hairstyles. Nia Long is one of those female celebrity who can’t stand staying with the same haircut or the hairstyles for long time. You can say that Nia Long has the eager to try everything related to the hair.. Nia Long is a woman who many hairstylists dream with!!. Yeah, to that extent!!. Nia Long tends to the most elegant and glamorous hairstyles. She’s too far from wearing the funky, untraditional hairstyles.. You can say that either Nia Long has very great sense of elegance or she’s afraid of wearing any of those funky and traditional hairstyles. Maybe, the both reasons!!.. Anyway, Nia Long hairstyles are not limited on certain haircut, no she’s worn various elegant and spectacular hairstyles for the short, the medium and the long haircuts. Because of Nia’s diversity, many women especially the black women has taken Nia as their role model and beauty icon. That’s made us to go in a speedy tour to discover the Nia Long  hairstyles. Before starting our virtual tour, there’s something that I forgot to tell you about Nia’s hair. Nia’s hair has been either dark black or dark brunette and hasn’t been blonde, red or any of those hair colors!!.. Now, I can start!.. For the medium and long haircuts, Nia has worn fabulous, soft and spectacular hairstyles. Those hairstyles have ranged from the soft and simple to the complex and formal hairstyles. For example, Nia has worn the straight sleek hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the ponytails hairstyles, the half up & half down hairstyles and the Up-do hairstyles. Okay, now we’ve known some of the long & medium hairstyles of Nia. What about her short hairstyles?!, Have they been soft and elegant also or what?!!… Nia’s short hairstyles have been bounced among the soft & nice looks to the bold & sexy looks. Nia has worn the short cropped hairstyles, the chin-length bob hairstyles, the pixie-cut hairstyles, the short curly hairstyles and the short spiky hairstyles. In all of her hairstyles, Nia has played with the bangs, fringes and many hair accessories like the veils, the headbands and the hats!!.. Nothing more can be said about Nia Long except that she’s totally a smart and diverse about anything related to her hair. She is totally aware of what she’s wearing for her hair or on her hair!!.. She doesn’t do anything except the thing that will add a lot to her looks.. Day by day, Nia Long is becoming more and more elegant, sexy, glamorous and shinny.. So, I think that all of us are waiting for more glamorous hairstyles from Nia Long!!!.. Since the words are gone from my head and thanks to Nia Long, I’ll say ” Good Bye!” and leave you with her hairstyles pictures below.

Nia Long Hairstyles 01

Nia Long Hairstyles 02

Nia Long Hairstyles 03

Nia Long Hairstyles 04

Nia Long Hairstyles 05

Nia Long Hairstyles 06

Nia Long Hairstyles 07

Nia Long Hairstyles 08

Nia Long Hairstyles 09

Nia Long Hairstyles 10

Nia Long Hairstyles 11

Nia Long Hairstyles 12

Nia Long Hairstyles 13

Nia Long Hairstyles 14

Nia Long Hairstyles 15

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