New Kitchen Designs by Valcucine

Recyclable Kitchen Design

For the Italian brand Valcucine, the kitchen must be 100% recyclable. In this global environmental sense and durable development principles, it doesn’t just produce furniture in recyclable materials, it also pledges to ensure their recycling without charge. Thus, the designer Gabriele Centazzo, after drawing the model Riciclantica, goes even further by revealing a kitchen design fully ecological and recyclable made of glass and aluminum, the design “gReenaissance”. Its modular concept displays clean lines and modern finishes. Cabinets are made of glass, a material easily and completely recyclable with excellent resistance to water, steam and heat, which ensures more durability. Its smoothness can significantly increase the storage space inside. Structures are made of recycled aluminum. The usage of this manufacturing method has the advantage of not consuming but 20% of the energy needed for the primary product. Without using glue, the joints of the elements are assembled mechanically; this allows, at the end of its life cycle, to disassemble and separate them easily by, simply recycling glass and aluminum parts into new materials that can be reused. This is a very interesting kitchen with an ultra-modern design and a futuristic look; gReenaissance is an eco-friendly kitchen but also practical, stylish and comfortable.

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