New Kitchen Design Ideas by Valcucine

Kitchen Design Ideas

“New logica” design presented by Valcucine is reflecting a new logic of occupying the kitchen space. By combining all kitchen functions in one kitchen unit, Valcucine is giving you a free space in your kitchen that makes you feel comfortable. The idea of this design is based on the practicality needed by the modern housewife mixed with comfort and with a sign of luxury. Valcucine used the most valuable materials in order to come out with those kitchen highly scratch-resistant nano-surfaces. Every part of the kitchen is designed mainly to occupy stuffs; even the elegant back is including places to arrange all necessary kitchen equipment in an invisibly way.  The shelves of the bottles hidden in the kitchen’s back are very practical. All you need in one unit is a new innovation from Valcucine that creates a clean environment with a luxury atmosphere in your kitchen.

valcucine new logic 1

valcucine new logic 2

valcucine new logic 3

valcucine new logic 4

valcucine new logic 5

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