New Festive Beard Baubles! Move Over Movember, Now It’s Beardseason In December

Beard Baubles 1


In November we have ‘Movember’, a time when men grow moustaches in an effort to increase awareness of prostate cancer in men. In the first few years it became noticeable when men grew moustaches for this campaign, but curiously it seems that facial hair is now becoming more fashionable. Even clean-shaven superstars of the screen like Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt are seen more often with a beard than without. As a result, a London Advertising agency, Grey London, came up with the idea of beard baubles as a way of celebrating Christmas in a slightly different way, which we discovered in an article in the Daily Mail newspaper. Initially the idea was simply to create a different image for the Christmas card they send out their clients, but the idea proved so popular, the beard baubles were put into production.

Now the baubles have been sold across the UK and orders have been received from both the USA and as far away as Australia. In fact they have become so successful the initial stock has all sold out. A packet contains ten larger and four smaller baubles, retailing at UK£5.00 (US$7.80). This, however is not a purely commercial venture on behalf of the advertising agency. December is now becoming Beardseason, the next step on from Movember’s moustache growing period. Beardseason is a registered Australian charity who hope that the growing of beards in December to raise awareness of Melanoma, which is associated with skin cancer, will be as successful an idea as Movember. All profits from the sale of these baubles is being donated to the Australian Beardseason charity.





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