New Eva Longoria Hairstyles

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Who hasn’t watched the “Desperate Housewives” series and hasn’t noticed the glamorous star “Eva Longoria”??!!!.. In my opinion, none of us!.. There’s no one who hasn’t been caught by her great acting and glamorous look in that series.. Whether in the series or on the red carpet, Eva Longoria is very elegant and shinning star in the sky of Hollywood.. Eva Longoria is known with her great fashion sense. Eva gives great attention and care to her looks; her outfits, dresses, make up and hair.. I won’t talk about anything of the last mentioned except the hair, you can say that what I’m interested in!!.. Eva longoria is one of those Hollywood stars who counts on the simple, chic and stunning hairstyles. Eva use her hair as two-edged weapon or something!!.. She always tends to keep her hair as simple as she can but in the same time it can catch all the eyes and let her be under the spotlights!!.. She’s wearing the simple hairstyles to give every woman simple and tiny hint which is “never underestimate the simple hairstyles, they may look more stunning and glamorous than the complicated ones!!”… Eva longoria hasn’t been satisfied by the long haircut, so she has cut her hair in the famous three haircuts; the long, the medium and the short.. You can say that Eva has tried them all!!.. Eva’s hair has never had fixed hair color and has gone black, brown or even blonde with all the different shades.. So, it seems that Eva can’t stand having the same haircut or the same color.. What about the styles she’s worn for each haircut???!! Has she stayed with the same hairstyles or changed them too??!!…. As I said Eva can’t stand having the same look for long time and none can estimate what “long time” word means to her… So, let’s see what are those Eva’s hairstyles??!!… Eva has worn diverse of hairstyles for each haircut.. For the long and medium haircuts, she’s mostly worn the straight sleek hairstyles, the medium curly hairstyles, the nice smooth wavy hairstyles, the bun hairstyles, the ponytails hairstyles and of course she’s also worn the chic up-dos hairstyles.. On the other hand, Eva has mostly worn the bob hairstyles for her short hair. She has worn them on the different looks; the curly, the straight and the wavy look. In most of those hairstyles, you can see that Eva has used the tresses, the back combing and also the bangs.. The last three have added to her simple hairstyles a lot of sexy and attractive touches. Okay, by now you’ve some options; either to wear any of those simple and elegant hairstyles and take Eva as your Idol or your hairstyles icon!! or you can just read and simply skip!!!… If you decided to take the first option, you’ll just pick any of Eva’s elegant hairstyles and wear it!!!.. Believe me you can look in the same stunning and glamorous way as she does.. You can even feel like you’re walking on the red carpet!!.

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 01

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 02

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 03

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 04

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 05

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 06

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 07

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 08

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 09

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 10

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 11

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 12

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 13

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 14

Eva Longoria Hairstyles 15

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