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Brad Pitt is one of the most handsome, elegant and glamorous stars in Hollywood. Beside being a great actor, Brad Pitt has tended to stand out from the other Hollywood’s male stars by the way he looks. Brad Pitt has always appeared in very glamorous, elegant, cool, stunning and elegant looks either in his movies, on the red carpets or in any other place.. With Brad Pitt, the look isn’t only the outfit he wears but also the hairstyle he wears.. You can say that since Brad’s appearance, his hair has been a major reason and effective factor for getting more glamorous looks as well as more fans. Brad Pit has cut his hair into various and different ways. You can say that when it comes to Brad Pitt’s haircuts, Brad’s hair has been like a swinger on the different haircuts from the too long haircut to the short haircut. One day, you can see Brad’s hair very long and in the other day it’s totally short!!. On the other hand, Brad Pitt hair colors haven’t been fixed too. Sometimes, Brad’s hair is totally light blonde while in the others it’s totally dark brown or light black. So, concerning the haircuts and colors of Brad Pitt, none can predict what they can be. Brad Pitt hasn’t stopped that far, he’s not been enough by changing the haircuts and colors. Brad has also tended to change his hairstyle periodically, he can’t stay with the same hairstyle for long time. So, let’s see some of Brad Pitt’s hairstyles for each haircut.. When Brad’s hair was on the long haircut, Brad wore some cool, wild, free and stylish hairstyles.. Most of the times, Brad wore the loose straight flowing hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles and the messy hairstyles. He wore those hairstyles with the bangs and the side parting.. You may think that those long hairstyles are quit few or something, in fact they’re but when were worn by Brad they had the most elegant and cool look which can force us to forget how few they had been!!. On the other hand, Brad has worn many various medium hairstyles, you can say that he’s tried to make use of the versatility feature of the medium haircut. Brad has worn the backcombing hairstyles, the straight loose hairstyle, the wavy hairstyles, the Quiff hairstyle, the bob hairstyle, the shaggy hairstyles and the messy hairstyles. There are much more medium hairstyles than those I’ve mentioned!.. Brad has added different touches to those medium hairstyles. Brad has used the bangs in many ways, he’s worn them on the long length or the short length.. Sometimes, those bangs have been edgy, soft or one length.. Beside the bangs, Brad has taken advantage of his oval face and has played with the parting!. Sometimes, his hair is side-parted while in other times it’s center-parted. Okay, by now we’ve seen the long and the medium hairstyles, what about the short ones?!!. Brad has worn some of the most elegant and simple short hairstyles. For example, Brad has worn the butch cut short hairstyles, the shag textured short hairstyles, the spiky short hairstyles and the wavy short hairstyles. As I said Brad Pitt has worn all of those hairstyles over the years in repetitive way, but the main question how could he get far away from having a dull repetitive looks?!!. Brad has succeeded with an excellent grade in that matter, just by playing with the hair colors. I mean he may have repeated some of his hairstyles over the years, but he’s not worn them with the same hair colors. He has managed himself to always appear in his best suit and in the most stunning, glamorous and elegant look in any place and at any time. Because of that I think that Brad Pitt deserves to be a beauty and fashion icon for many men. In fact, that what’s already happened!.. As many men has taken Brad as their role models whether concerning the hairstyles or the whole look. If you’re one of those men, I’ve nothing to tell you “how smart you’re?!”. You can pick any suitable hairstyles of Brad Pitt, wear them and feel the same glamour and elegance of Brad Pitt. You can go anywhere with such a hairstyle and feel that you’re a star of your own world!!.

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