Naturally Lighted Casual Apartment

Natural light has the power to reflect brightness and happiness, so imagine having an apartment that’s naturally lighted. This is a live example of a naturally lighted apartment in which an open courtyard is present letting light pass through to the whole apartment along with the usage of glass windows to let natural light pass through it. This apartment is designed in a casual style to go with the natural lighted ambiance. The walls and ceiling of the whole apartment come in white because it is the perfect color when you want to make any place bright, and this is the case here in this apartment. The living room includes an L-shaped sofa that has cushions with prints of different countries on it which give a special touch. What’s really unique is the presence of two small tables that are made of a cut part of a tree; very original. The room is amazingly decorated using a drawn portrait and different pictures are hung using clips in a fountainlike shape which gives a casual personalized atmosphere. A beautiful dining set is placed consisting of a white table and four white chairs, and the table is neatly decorated with crockery. This area is open to another area where an open kitchen is present, also in white, including cabinets, cooker, cooker hood, refrigerator, and sink without occupying much space. A wooden countertop is added, and two chairs are placed at both of its sides to be used as a small dining set in case you want to have a small meal quickly.

In front of the kitchen is the courtyard that is open and only glass doors are used to fill the place with natural light. This move really enlightened the whole place. The courtyard is beautifully designed and furnished in a colorful way, and plants are added to give a decorative nice touch. You can see a white sofa and white chairs, while colored cushions are added on the sofa, white rug, ottomans, and more. A really romantic dining set is present at a corner of the courtyard, and it is all made of wood and includes a rectangular wooden table and two wooden sofas. This place is surrounded by plants and is very romantic where you can have the perfect dinner while enjoying a natural air breeze. A lower level can be reached beside the living room leading to a resting area that is reached through few stairs where closets and drawers are added for storage, and a folding mattress and cushions; this place is perfect for relaxation. The bedroom of this apartment is totally amazing; it blends white with purple for a pop color effect and really looks great. The bedroom mixes between different hues of the color purple. Purple is seen in the headboard, pillows, blanket, wall portrait, and accessories while the rest comes in white; the total ambiance is amazing. The bathroom has grey walls and white appliances, and glass is also used for windows to let natural light pass through.

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