Natalie Portman New Hair Color 2012

It seems that they won’t stop doing it and hence, we will always be shocked! And I think that it’s turned into a big dilemma! Okay, I can sense that there’re some new faces reading this topic. Yeah?! So, let’s tell them at first what the previous sentences refer to, then begin doing the real work. Ladies and gentlemen, those sentences just refer to the semi daily hair makeovers done by female celebrities in the past few days, yet months of 2012. Now, let’s reveal who else has played with her hair locks and what she’s opted for. Concerning who; she’s the gorgeous star Natalie Portman. My dear readers, don’t hide your shock as I’m pretty sure that most of you definitely feel that way. On the other hand, concerning what she’s done, you need to know that the talented actress has opted for dying her spectacular long brunette hair blonde. Yup, the new bride has been added to the series of the newly blonde celebrities! Let me tell you that she looks more heartbreakingly beautiful and sexy than before, at least that’s how I feel.

By now, we have mentioned who our beloved star is and what she’s done recently. But what about the reason behind that?! I think that her true fans and followers know that Portman mostly doesn’t opt for any sort of drastic hair makeovers except when there’s a new movie on the way. And actually, that’s the main reason this time too. Yeah, Natalie has worn this honey blonde hair just for an upcoming film role. Let me tell you that, unfortunately, she’s not revealed any details about it, even its name! Anyways, all of you’re aware that if we know any piece of info about that movie, we won’t hesitate to publish it only for you, our precious readers. I guess that there’s nothing more left for us to say except a certain question which is; ”do you love that switch up or not?!”. That’s just it, ladies, don’t forget that we’re waiting for your opinions and wishing you a gorgeous look anywhere you go!

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