Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Duet Makeup Remover

Removing your make up is very important to maintain a clean skin. Leaving your make up overnight can really harm your skin. The NAPOLEON PERDIS AUTO PILOT DUET MAKEUP REMOVER is excellent to use. It is easy to use and will remove all your makeup even the tough ones. Don’t worry about removing your mascara, because NAPOLEON PERDIS AUTO PILOT DUET MAKEUP REMOVER will remove it so easily and will leave you with a clean face protecting you from any damage. This Auto Pilot Duet Makeup Removers is like a two in one container. It has an oil effect to remove all the make up easily with moisturizing and also a water effect that makes a clean end leaving your skin protected. Just add it to a cotton balm and remove your makeup completely. It comes in a 4 fl. Oz. unique container that will really impress you. So put all the makeup you want throughout the day and don’t worry about removing it anymore.


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