Naomi Watts New Haircut 2013

Naomi Watts New Haircut 2013 1

Guess who has recently updated her 2013’s hair lookbook?! Okay, here’s a hint: “The Impossible Movie”. Yup, our precious readers, she is definitely the stunning Naomi Watts. What has she done to her fabulous long blonde locks?! Simply and briefly, our beloved actress has chopped off her long hair for a, a … I don’t know how to say it!

Ladies, Watts has ditched her long tresses for medium, specifically chain-length bobbed ones. Has anyone got shocked?! Nope! Okay, thanks God!. The star has showed off her new bob cut at Paris Fashion Week. Let me tell you that she has looked much more youthful, gorgeous, stunning, cuter, and even sexier,,,, Honestly, I am in love with her new hairdo. What about you, beauties?! Do you like or dislike it?!

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