N° 1 by John Galliano

John Galliano

It’s the first fragrance John Galliano created, & he didn’t settle for creating one version of the fragrance, so after creating the intense John Galliano eau de parfum in 2008, he started working on a lighter eau de toilette edition which was released in 2010. Galliano’s elements of inspiration which come from creation, modernity & romance, all appear in his fragrance as he wanted it to be part of daytime love dates & of the late night magic & romance. You’ll find that Galliano’s art is shown not only in his fragrances but also in his bottles’ design & how they express his vision. In the N°1 perfume you’ll see that the eau de parfum comes in dark purple shade while the eau de toilette comes in a soft pink shade, as for the bottle’s cap it’s decorated by the gothic letter G while the bottle itself is crafted like twisted satin with drapes.The eau de parfum intense notes are made from top notes of aldehydes, angelica & bergamot, with middle notes of rose, violet, peony, iris & lavender then confused with the base notes of amber, musk, patchouli, incense & Virginia cedar. As for the eau de toilette that promises a gentler & smoother scent, it starts with the soft top notes of violet & carnal rose, followed by the feminized middle notes of Italian iris & Monaco rose then based with the woody notes of cedar & musk. The collection of John Galliano N° 1 fragrance comes in EDP which is released in three sizes 40ml, 60ml & 90ml, EDT in two sizes which are 40ml & 60ml, you’ll also find that john Galliano created perfumed body milk in 200ml & a perfumed bath & shower gel in 200ml, both based on the eau de parfum.

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