MTV Video Music Awards 2013 Hairstyles

MTV Video Music Awards 2013 Hairstyles 05


Stylisheves, are you ready for my report on our beloved female stars’ hairstyles at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards? All right then, let’s begin. Selena Gomez rocked the red carpet with super straight flowing locks that looked gorgeous, and Ms. Gomez wasn’t the only star who wore her hair down. Lady Gaga, Ciara, Ellie Goulding, Carly Aquilino, and Snooki were stunning with down dos that were wavy or curly. What about Taylor Swift? Just keep reading, my dear…






And what styles did other longhaired celebs choose for this year’s Video Music Awards? Katy Perry tied her long, jet-black strands into a FABULOUS high ponytail, and model Erin Wasson pulled her hair up in a simple, chic braid that she accentuated with a black turban.



The rest of the long hair was done up or half-and-half. Ariana Grande sported a very girlish, sweet half up/half down style that I consider one of the best seen at the 2013 VMAs. Holland Roden dressed her red locks into a classic sleek, low bun, which looked quite elegant. And Taylor Swift was charming with… vintage pinned-up curls.




Of course, the stars who rock short hair were no less chic. Rihanna wore the mullet hairstyle that she revealed a few days ago, while Coco Rocha styled her new pixie cut into a sleek, wet look. What about Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora? Ah… Well, Rita showed off a new blonde, blunt-cut bob that looked great, but Miley… Miley just attempted a knockoff of Gwen Stefani’s signature twin mini topknots. Unexpected? Oh, yes, but that’s Miley!





Now, tell us which stars’ hair you noticed and which hairstyles pleased, astonished, or puzzled you!

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