Mother’s Day Garlands and Paper Decoration Ideas

Celebrating Mother’s day doesn’t require getting exaggerated expensive things, with the simplest ideas you can make something really creative that is so special and touches your mom’s heart. These are various ideas of garlands and paper decorations to show your mom how much you love her and wish her a happy mother’s day. Just use some simple coils in different colors like red and white, and hang them on ropes making the letters of the word mum and some hearts to show her love, hand these on some shelves of a cupboard or wherever you want. You can also make some beautiful butterflies using paper for a creative look and add them to straws for several cups, or just stick them on the wall in a lovely pattern with different color gradients for an eye catching look that matches with the color of the wall and the accessories found in that room. In addition, you can cut papers in circles or squares, and write on each one of them the letters of the word mom and draw a red heart on another one, hang them on a rope and hand the rope anywhere you want like a room, the hallway, or the garden to send a love message to your mum on her day saying I love mum, love you mom, best mom ever, or anything you want to say to your precious mom, you can do this idea in various colors like shown in the pictures. You can also make flowers from different colored papers and hand them for a creative decoration. The ideas are endless, and you can create the idea of your own or mix more than one idea at a time as long as you like them.

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