Monica Hairstyles

Monica Hairstyles

Monica is one of the most stunning and glamorous African-American singers, she’s well-known by her nice voice and her high sense of fashion and style. Like any other celebrity, Monica has known the importance of her hair in completing her glamorous and eye-catching look.. So, she’s played with her hair very well and that has made many women try to imitate her and emulate her hairstyles… Monica has started her career having a long haircut and then over the years, her hair has been shortened till it reached the current short haircut.. You can say that Monica has turned from being a long hair fan to a short haircuts’ admirer… Concerning the hair color, Monica had a blonde hair color when she started her career life. Then over the years, she has kept on a black hair color and that’s besides adding some red or blonde highlights to that pure black hair color.. Okay, now we’ve known the haircuts and the hair colors of Monica, then we’ve to move to the next and final step which is to discover the hairstyles that have been worn by Monica… Okay??, okay let’s go!!.. When Monica had the long haircut, she had worn some simple and elegant hairstyles like; the sleek straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles and the ponytail hairstyles..

After having a long haircut, Monica had turned to get medium length haircuts before reaching the short haircuts. Okay, I hear you asking what were those medium hairstyles??!! Monica has worn the straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the asymmetrical bob hairstyles, the angled bob hairstyles and the blunt bob hairstyles.. But as we’ll know both those long and medium hairstyles became from history!! So let’s move to the current and new hairstyles… For few years, Monica has kept on the short haircut and she has worn fascinating and spectacular hairstyles like; the pixie-cut hairstyles, the blunt short bob hairstyles, the asymmetrical short bob hairstyles and the angled short bob hairstyles. Monica has also got a great and creative use of bangs and fringes to get very unique and stunning looks. For Monica’s short hairstyles, words really can’t express how much stunning and unique they are, so I’ll just leave the pictures to express.. But all I can say is that Monica has encouraged many women to get the short haircuts and to imitate her fascinating short hairstyles… So, I think you too may consider Monica as your reference, if you once have decided to get the short haircut!! What?! you’ve already got a short haircut, then hurry up and choose one of those trendy and stunning short hairstyles of Monica.. So, I’ve nothing to say to you except “Enjoy the glamour and elegance!!”

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