Modern White Bathroom Design

White Bathroom Design

Light bathroom collection lately launched by Arlexitalia, is truly reflecting lightness through simple designs, clean lines and minimalist colors. The famous Italian bathroom furniture manufacturer Arlexitalia, which is known for its luxurious and high quality products, believes in always renewing itself so it releases now this new collection using new materials and high technology to create a stylish & precious look to your bathroom. This collection is made from Alicrite which is a new high-tech material. Light bathroom is available in only 3 colors: white, black & bicolor. The designer used some interior lighting to create a brilliant effect in the dark. The Light Bathroom would be perfect to someone who is looking for a clean white interior with a luxury and fashionable look.

arlexitalia minimalist bathroom 1arlexitalia minimalist bathroom 2arlexitalia minimalist bathroom 3arlexitalia minimalist bathroom 4

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