Modern Wall-Mounted Magazine Holder by HeadSprung

stylish wall magazine holder

Are you suffering from the mess in your living room? Every time you arrange the magazines, you find them Scattered again? Here is a smart solution to help you in keeping your living room arranged with no more magazine and paper mess; Flow is a new wall-mounted magazine organizer presented by HeadSprung, not only practical but also stylish and can perfectly match with your modern interior. Flow can be very simply installed on your wall; all you need is two screws to attach it. This attractive magazine organizer can hold over than 10 magazines or newspapers inside its two racks. Made of powder coated mild steel, it can never be broken or scratched. Flow has a fashionable look with its crooked design which represents the simplicity and creativity of the modern style. It’s available in a very beautiful red color; a black version will be soon presented by HeadSprung. Although Flow only takes a minimum space on your wall, it’s able to take a big number of papers and magazines to give your living room a clean and, at the same time, modern & elegant look. Flow can also be useful, thanks to its metal composition, to stick on it magnets so you can use it as a notes board.

stylish wall magazine organizer 1stylish wall magazine organizer 2

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