Modern Wall Cabinet With Mirror Door by Pallucco

Wall Cabinet

One piece of furniture can be very useful and of multi-purpose like this wall cabinet -Clino- designed by the Italian Gabriele Rosa for Pallucco. Clino is an impressive piece of décor that is able to give any modern interior a very attractive and refine look because of its minimalist shape and its clean and chic finishes. This wall cabinet is made of MDF, you can choose between three finishes available: white lacquered finishes for both the inside and outside with a -peach skin- reflection, a white inside with the door and sides in a super mirror steel finish, or a matt white inside and sides with the door in a super mirror steel and -peach skin- finish. Clino is very practical in any room; in a dining room it can be a cabinet for glasses and plates, in a living room you can arrange books inside of it, and it can even be used as a shoes’ holder or any other usages. So regardless of how elegant it looks, it is also useful and practical. This wall cabinet doesn’t take so much space because it’s large in its height only. You can combine between more than one according to your needs and to the look you want to create.

MDF wall cabinet 1MDF wall cabinet 2MDF wall cabinet 3

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