Modern Townhouse Designs with Wood Touches in Art Nouveau Style

Modern Townhouse Designs

Are you are about to build a new house, and you are a fan of modern style and like the sense of nature? If you need an inspiration, we present you in this post an awesome design for a very pretty and unique house; take a look at this creative design as it may interest you. The deign is inspired by the -art nouveau- style; the whole house is decorated by wood even the interface which is entirely made of wood with big glass windows and having a beautiful design of tree branches; this innovative interface looks very impressive, it also gives a hint of the house interior decoration which is inspired by nature. Look at the glass tall door of the house; very original. Inside of the house, all floors and stairs are in wood plus some other wood interventions like in one of the bathrooms where wood exists in the cabinet under the sink and in a pretty frame on the wall; it looks so delicate with the pure white that covers the rest of the bathroom. Notice the artwork on the stair railing which is also made of wood and looks very refine and classy yet modern and stylish. Most of the walls are made of stone which creates a harmony with wood and increases the beauty of the natural look of this house. Other bathrooms are entirely decorated in tiles; one in white and grey tones with soft blue floor, and the other in white and green tones. Tiles look so stylish and attractive especially with modern style.

amazing modern towhouse design 1

amazing modern towhouse design 2

amazing modern towhouse design 3

amazing modern towhouse design 4

amazing modern towhouse design 5

amazing modern towhouse design 6

amazing modern towhouse design 7amazing modern towhouse design 8

amazing modern towhouse design 9

amazing modern towhouse design 10

amazing modern towhouse design 11

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