Modern Teen Room Designs

dancer style room

We must encourage our teenagers if they have a talent or would love to work in a certain career in the future, so why don’t we give their rooms a cool atmosphere reflecting their talent in a stylish decorative way? Here we present you a collection of ideas to create a themed teen room, check it and it will amaze you. If your teen has an artistic talent and dreams to be a famous artist in the future, he will definitely like the room in the first picture; look how the designer used a simple minimalist style in the furniture that’s yet calm and poetic thanks to the harmony between the light colors. Walls are decorated with some colorful tableaus (you can use in this case your teen’s own hand-made tableaus) and there is a stand & a chair for drawing, there are also many color cans put randomly in the room that make it look exactly like an artist’s atelier. The next design is for a girl who wants to be a ballet artist; the room is so pretty with feminine colors like purple with pink and cool yellow which is making a delicate harmony and bringing an attractive look. The room is decorated with many pictures for ballet dancers which will be pleasant and inspiring for your daughter. For Rock and Music fans, here is a room with a cool musical theme; decorated by a stage with all music instruments. For your young scientist, your teenager who adores science-fiction and physiques and wants to discover the outer space, give him a room decoration satisfying his passion for science like the one in the last picture decorated by atoms and chemical instruments. All designs are equally practical and can be realized in small spaces.

artist theme room1

creative kid room artist

dancer kids room

dancer style room

dancing theme kids room

desk bed storage

genius kids room

music themed room

rockstar room theme

scientist themed kids room

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