Modern Studio Apartment

Studio apartments have always been a great trouble for many people, they want the best ideas that allow them to furnish their studio apartment in a creative way that helps them gather all what they want in a decorative way. A studio apartment’s is presented having a space of 48 m2, modern furniture was used in a practical yet decorative way to supply it with everything. A small living room is installed including an L-shaped sofa, table, LCD above a small wooden cabinet, small table and a chair; everything was installed in a decorative manner while only a small space was used, the look was completed using a nice rug that matched with the colors, some portraits on the wall, and glass windows above them to let the sun rays enter. A practical kitchen was placed beside the living room combining all appliances, equipment, and sets. A countertop was placed that at one side of it the back was used as a shelving unit to store stuff, while its horizontal free space was surrounded by chairs to be used as a dining set. The bedroom is placed behind the living room combining the bed, two night stands at both sides of the bed, and a wooden desk with its chair. A small closet was installed beside the kitchen, and the bathroom was placed on the other side of the kitchen combining all necessary sets in a small space. Light colors were used in this apartment to give the feeling of a large space, light grey, blue, and silver were used along with white walls and parquet floors for a chic touch. Lighting in this apartment is really simple using some cylindrical lighting fixtures hanging from the walls in silver color.

Modern Studio Apartment 1

Modern Studio Apartment 2

Modern Studio Apartment 3

Modern Studio Apartment 4

Modern Studio Apartment 5

Modern Studio Apartment 6

Modern Studio Apartment 7

Modern Studio Apartment 8

Modern Studio Apartment 9

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