Modern Studio Apartment Design

Having a really small apartment has never been something pleasing, it could be a real disaster to its owners, and furnishing it seems impossible. When people think of really small apartments, compromise is the first thing that hits their thoughts, they would never be able to combine all what they need in this apartment and they’ll just pick the most necessary. This idea is never accepted, you must enjoy all what you need in your house even if it’s really small. Here’s a studio apartment for example that is really small, it’s only 21.5 m2; can you imagine that! Some of you might think that this apartment can be just enough for a bedroom or something and that it can never be furnished well.

Get ready to be amazed by this outstanding and creative interior design of this tiny place. Furnishing small apartments nowadays is all about modern practical furniture, get everything you need but let it show only when you need it, save space, be creative and you’ll have it all. In this apartment, a transformable small dining/kitchen area is used, and when there is no need to use them, they combine together to become like a thin closet that only occupies a small area against the wall. Once this area is closed, the available space can be used as a small living room where a bean chair for example can be added for comfort and style and you can add an LCD against another wall and enjoy.

Behind this area, you’ll find that the bed was placed at an elevated level that could be reached through some stairs built beside the bed that can also be used as a storage unit at the same time, a wide shelf is present between the bed and the wall where several stuff can be kept like books and others. The bathroom was placed beside the bed in a really practical manner occupying the least space to combine the sink, shower tray, toilet, and a washing machine in a small space under the sink. A wardrobe was designed inside the wall also to save space, and the doors are made of wood in its natural light color. Colors in this apartment are very cheerful and enlightening; they bring a happy and fun ambiance to it including purple, green, white, and orange. The interior design of this small apartment is really smart, and gathers everything.

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