Modern Spa-Like Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are a fan of spas, you may wish to have the same atmosphere in your own bathroom to enjoy the most relaxing moments every day. With some designing ideas and decorating tips, you could have your own spa version in your bathroom. For more inspiration about spa-like bathroom designs, follow this post to see many fabulous ideas. To give a spa ambience to your bathroom, go for a cozy decoration with dark colors on the walls that will bring a sense of intimacy, then choose a soft lighting to create a charming atmosphere. It would be also very nice if you add a seat close to the bathtub to really feel the same spa atmosphere. If you like the warm ambience of the Turkish spa, know that you can recreate this style in your own bathroom by choosing the mosaic as a wall covering. Choose warm colors that will make you feel relax and in a good mood. To enjoy the maximum of relaxation, the minimalist style is ideal because it will help you focus on the essentials. Choose clean lines and opt for light materials such as wood and mix with white for a refreshing ambience.

In the bathroom, the brightness is a very important element, if you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom that opens onto your garden, do not hesitate to choose large openings or glass walls to bring light inside. To enjoy a water therapy, you can choose a whirlpool bathtub with massage jets and a whirlpool function; this way you will benefit a real spa in your home! Comfort is also a matter of space. If you are lucky enough to own a large bathroom, opt for an XXL shower where the water flows from the ceiling for a unique experience every day. For your shower, if you decide to have the same luxury of a spa, it is important to choose a multi-jet system which allows you to adjust the flow of water as you wish; you can enjoy a rain water or more tonic jets. Finally, if you really want to go after your desires of home spa, why not try this horizontal shower? Just lie down to receive rain water that will pamper you to the maximum.

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