Modern Spa Bathtubs By Hoesch

modern spa by hoesch

Who doesn’t want to relax his body in a warm bath after a long day of work? Who doesn’t love to go to a spa and enjoy the relaxation and the massage in a spa bathtub? It is very pleasurable to get some massage in a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying a warm bath; you can have this refreshing feeling everyday if you own a spa bathtub in your own home. Hoesch presents new spa bathtubs called DheaSpa with an attractive ultra modern design that is combining both the stylish look and relaxing atmosphere. DheaSpa is designed to offer a maximum comfort with its large form which can be comfortable for even more than one person, it is also equipped with the most technological hydromassage system and with a complete built-in music system with a radio & MP3, it also has a clock and a Bluetooth. The refine design represents the modern luxury style; with a pure white acrylic inside and a glossy black & white outside, it looks very elegant and fashionable. Its white skirting is equipped with a lighting system which gives it an even more beautiful look. If you have a large space in your bathroom and you want to add this luxurious ambiance and to feel like in an up-to-date spa, then you would like DheaSpa by Hoesch.

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