Modern Sofa Bed Design Ideas

Sofa Bed

If you do not have a spare bedroom for guests in your house, hosting friends for a couple of days becomes complicated. However, there are several solutions for sleeping such as the convertible sofa in the living room to make your life easier. Here are few ideas for modern sofa bed models to inspire you. In the living room, the family sofa can become a very large bed. Simply opt for a convertible model that you just unfold and it becomes a comfy sleeping for two persons. Corner sofas are also available in convertible models. By simply unfolding a part of it to fill the void formed by the corner of the sofa, we get a wide lying surface. If you do not have a very large living room, you can choose a traditional sofa in a convertible model; the sofa will be unfolded on its length to form a nice sleeping place. Even in any room other than the living, you can still install a sofa bed. It will create a seat during the day and a bed at night. A cozy bench can for example be a bed for one person or can expand to create a double bed. Finally, to host the friends of your children, nothing’s better than making their sleeping in the same room with your kids. To do this, you may be interested in a kid’s bed model with integrated bed in the form of a drawer that hides under the bed when it’s not in use to save space.

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