Modern Small Antler Chandeliers

antler chandaliers

Jason Miller, who presented before the biggest Antler Chandeliers, this time he designed a smaller version of it for modern homes called “The Extraordinary Antler Chandeliers”. Just like the previous collection, those chandeliers look very elegant but in an unusual small size. The design is based of course on the tree’s branches form presented in 3 attractive colors; red, black & chrome. Antler Chandeliers are available as a single branch with just one lighting bulb or as many with corresponding lighting. They can be used in any room in both classic and modern interiors; in the bedroom, in the living room or even in the kitchen. The price of this chandelier is relatively good compared to the biggest version which was very expensive. For an elegant but simple look, this collection can help you to bring a delicate touch to your home.

antler chandalierantler chandaliersantler chandeliers

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