Modern Scandinavian House Design

Here’s a virtual example of how you can design your house in a simple way that combines between minimalism, and creativity for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Scandinavian style is always the key when you want to achieve this, because it gives you all you want; practicality, simplicity, and beauty. This post shows you a modern Scandinavian house design that is totally perfect and colorful for those who love to brighten their living spaces in a chic, simple way. This house has a door that’s directly on the street, and this area has glass windows with wooden frames to make you enjoy the view of the street and make the space naturally lighted in the morning. The wooden frames used for windows are red from the outside to give the place a colorful view, while, from the inside, the frames come in white wood to make the inside look wide and bright. The hall of the house is totally simple, and white is the dominating color, whereas some touches of colors are seen through adding a blue chair, and green cushions along with some plants. Wood rods are found to hang your jackets, coats, shirts, and you can also place your shoes in this space too.

Modern Scandinavian House Design 1

Modern Scandinavian House Design 2

Modern Scandinavian House Design 3

After the hall, you can see a splendid lounge area that is full of colors but in a way that is not overpowering; just what makes it enough to make the space cheerful. White walls make the space wide, bright, and neat, and parquet floors make the place look really fancy. Color accents are seen through the presence of a beige sofa that has printed cushions over it, and a really eye catching rug grabs your attention through the white-and-black color contrast. An arm chair is placed next to the window so that you can relax while watching the streets and this chair is made of an amazing, colorful fabric. A silver globe pendant light looks really chic and gives a soft touch to the room.

Modern Scandinavian House Design 4

Modern Scandinavian House Design 5

Modern Scandinavian House Design 6

This area also includes an open kitchen that has white cabinetry, silver appliances, and white backsplash ceramic tiles. A crazy pop accent is added to it through adding a hot red refrigerator. The red refrigerator really adds color and makes the kitchen vibrant. Green high chairs also aid in the colorful touches and look so chic. Spot lights are added on the ceiling of the kitchen to make it strongly and uniformly lighted to make everything clear in front of you. Silver countertop is used and extends beyond the cabinetry taking an L-shape where green high chairs are added. This space can be very useful when you want to have a small meal or maybe a quick tea.

Modern Scandinavian House Design 7

Modern Scandinavian House Design 8

Minimalism is totally seen in the bathroom that comes in white, and perfect white ceramic tiles cover the walls in a stylish way. A recess in the wall is used where glass shelves were added to store different bathroom stuff in a decorative way. The wall behind the toilet and the sink is totally covered with mirrors which make the bathroom seem very wide.

Modern Scandinavian House Design 9

Modern Scandinavian House Design 10

Now moving upwards, this house has three levels that you can ascend using lovely, white stairs. The second level is really spacious and includes a living room, dining room, and bedroom. Color accents are widely seen in this space making it full of life.

Modern Scandinavian House Design 11

Modern Scandinavian House Design 12

Now the bedroom is totally bold, sophisticated, and creative. Black is dominating which gives it a dark ambiance to help you sleep and relax without having much color or brightness. Eye catching wallpaper is added that has a black background and yellowish gold leaves all over it make the look terrific. It’s just all black! The bedding, night stand and even the lamp shade comes in black. A round mirror looks very chic in the bedroom and gives you a clear, wide space.

Modern Scandinavian House Design 13

Modern Scandinavian House Design 14

Next to the bedroom, you can find the living room that is totally cozy, cheerful and comforting. A glass window is added in the wall between the bedroom and living room so that you can see through it. The living room includes a sofa and a bench that come in the unique coral color. White walls balance the effect of color, and a beige shag rug along with an original wooden table complete the perfect set. Decoration is clearly seen in this living room through adding a large, colorful portrait, and colorful printed cushions on the plain coral sofas to make a vibrant look. Beside the lounge area, you can see a small dining set that is made of black for a bold style, and a colored portrait is places next to it to brighten the space.

Modern Scandinavian House Design 15

Modern Scandinavian House Design 16

Going up to the third level, you go to a magnificent terrace that gives you a splendid view, and makes you enjoy a fresh breeze of air. The terrace is perfectly designed to be comfortable, practical, and decorative. A black sofa and an ottoman are added to make you sit in your terrace comfortable, plants are distributed to make the terrace perfect, and a small table is also present to put some tea and cake. Colored cushions are added on the sofa to give a bright touch, and to make sitting more comfortable.

Modern Scandinavian House Design 17

Modern Scandinavian House Design 18

Modern Scandinavian House Design 19

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