Modern Red Bathroom Furniture

Red Bathroom Furniture

Red is the most flashy color which is used frequently in the modern decorating style, it is beautiful and attractive but you have to know how to use it right. Artesi, the Italian company specialized in bathroom furniture, presents a very fashionable modern red bathroom furniture set. It consists of a fabulous red cabinet with a built-in sink also in red and a beautiful mirror with a red bold frame. The cabinet is containing a large space inside of it for storage with slide doors for more practical use and modern look. It is made of very resistant glass tops with shiny red lacquered finish. The gray wall behind the set is making a beautiful contrast with the bright red. This furniture set is very stylish and up-to-date; it can cheer you and make you feel fresh. It would be amazing in a modern style bathroom.

Modern Red Bathroom Furniture by Artesi 1Modern Red Bathroom Furniture by Artesi 2

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