Modern Planter Pots For Non-sunny Interiors

planter with a lamp

We all adore plants and love to have an interior decorated with green plants and colorful roses, but the problem that could prevent us to do this is that sometimes we don’t have a sunny interior which is a necessary element for most plants to grow, so we end up with dead plants. If you are facing the same problem, this product may interest you because it presents a smart idea and a very practical solution. It is consisting of a regular planter pot, but the new thing is that it is equipped by a lighting lamp on top. It comes in regular sizes of plant pots and the lamp is not increasing the size because it is installed vertically. By this idea you offer your plant the light it need and you keep on the modern look of your apartment. It’s a very practical product; it doesn’t occupy but a small space, it’s movable and could be put anywhere, the lamp is adjustable and could be moved up or down according to the plant’s volume. This smart planter pot will add to your interior the lovely look and the peaceful atmosphere that a plant creates and allows it to grow even without the sun light.

planter with a lamp 1

planter with a lamp 2

planter with a lamp 3

planter with a lamp 4

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