Modern Outdoor Kids’ Playhouse for Boys

Outdoor Kids Play House

If you have a large backyard or you live in a house with a garden and you have kids, you must benefit from this outdoor space to create for them a cool place for playing and having fun. This is an original design for a kids playhouse having the shape of pirates’ ships. This design would please boys more than girls as boys like to play pirate games and love to feel like ship captains. This wonderful design is very amusing for your kids because it has exactly the same shape of a pirate ship and it contains many ship cabinets, it is also composed of 3 levels separated by stairs. This handmade playhouse is made of wood, so if you have a carpentry skill you can execute it yourself; it will be funnier and more enjoyable if kids help in making their own playhouse. Your kids will love this cool playhouse; they will enjoy it in summer days and spend most of their time playing in it.

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play house for boys 2

play house for boys 3

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