Modern Open Kitchen On The Dining Room Area

During the holidays you will probably spend many hours in the kitchen to prepare your feast. But don’t isolate yourself from your guests to not turn cooking into a boring time; it may be the best time to have one of those open kitchens on the dining room. If you are interested in this kind of kitchen designs and need some inspirations, check out those 5 fabulous models. There is the kitchen integrated with the dining room design in which it is not to delineate each space but rather to bring them together in the same room. This way, the kitchen blends perfectly with the rest of the room by being settled against the walls of the room. If you don’t have a dining room but you have a large kitchen, do not hesitate to install your dining area in the kitchen. In this case, you simply don’t need but a large dining table in the center of your room and the kitchen is turned into a dining area. To define the spaces without closing them, you can choose a kitchen centered on an island and then have the dining room on the side. Look at this wooden kitchen model which is associated with this delicate white dining table for a very Scandinavian spirit; looking perfect. If your main room has an L-shape, you can install the kitchen into the recess for example to delineate spaces. The rest of the room will be dedicated to the dining room. If you want to define the spaces between the kitchen and dining room, you can use furniture in the kitchen. For example you can use a large bar that serves as a worktop and separates spaces in practicality and an aesthetic look.

Modern Open Kitchen on The Dining room Designs 2

Modern Open Kitchen on The Dining room Designs 3

Modern Open Kitchen on The Dining room Designs 4

Modern Open Kitchen on The Dining room Designs 1

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